Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another blistering hot day!

Well today is going to be another +30c + days. I love the heat.. but I like to be able to take a break from the heat.. and you can't do that when the house gets 30c too. So today I am dyeing my hair again.. I have not done it in quite some time and have been very bored with it. I usually have bright red, purple or pink hair.. but with things being so busy I let it fade to a not so nice orange color. So today I did pink streaks with black streaks and black underneath with pink over the top.. Only taking me 3 hours to do 3 colors.. haha. Oh well I just hope the end result will be worth it.. it always sucks when I spend this much time on a color to have it not turn out.

After I finish my last rinse here I think I might make a trip to Wally-mart. I would love to go into town but my truck is not working properly and I am in great fear of a $200 tow bill. I need some of that putty people use to put pictures on walls without making holes.. .. Why? well I want to put my mini lamps into plexi containers and I don't want them flopping around. They are glass and fragile so I don't want any broken ones :) I think that should work... OH I should share a photo of one of my lamps that is totally done.. I am so very happy with them. AND totally addicted to making them. I have about 5 more that are floating around in my head but I must plan them out first. :)
Also today I want to finish my little blue bunny I am working on. He is so sweet. He will be an Easter piece.. but since I don't see any spring shows happening I will just take it to the October show.

Also I am going to share my 2 new Dragons that will be available at the show! Yay!

Two of my Dragons, I think the pink one needs a bit more work, but the Yellow fellow is all done. I just need to name them!

One of my Miniature dollhouse lamps.. with a penny.
Well I guess I better go rinse my poor hair for (hopefully) the last time of the day!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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