Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dollhouse lights

Well I've had a VERY busy day today. I cleaned the house pretty much all day. This is one of the first days my back has felt better and my house needed a good cleaning! lol. Nothing like over-doing it once you feel a little better.. teehee.
My plugs came in finally for my little lamps! yay! I am so excited. I installed plugs for hours and now have 14 lamps that are all ready for the show. Yay!

Okay, so here is my first attempt at making and posting a video... of course it is of dollhouse lamps.. and I don't say anything.. lol. Sorry about that. Brad is watching TV in the background so any noise is from that. I've never made a video before so please be kind... lol. I just really wanted to show my new little lamps actually lighting up! hehe.

My Pink lamp, it very pretty pink not lit, and glows so pretty when lit! I have to get more of those pink bulbs!

This video is of my old fashioned turquoise blue swirl lamp, my solid blue "crystal ball", and my little laboratory looking blue swirl Gourd lamp.

If you are interested in any of them let me know. They will be $30 usd each plus postage

okay, just one more...

This one the flower lights up :)

The videos don't really do them justice, I will try to take some better photos of them in the daylight.. lol. I thought it would be better to have it a bit dark to show them lighting up though.

Love and hugs,


Friday, August 22, 2008

Alberta weather.. oh how it confuses us!

Two days ago it was 38c/100f today is 11c/51f I refuse to turn on the furnace even though I am freezing.. lol. I DID turn on my little space heater in my office. I can't stop shivering, I often wonder how we manage to take the temperature changes. I also wonder if other places have
such extreme changes in temperature.


My disapointment with Teddy Bear Magazines

I love magazines, I am an addict. Mostly crafty ones, Doll, miniature and of course teddy bear. Most doll, miniature and crafty(like Martha Stewart.. yes, I love Martha, I can't help it!) magazines do an awesome Halloween feature. I always end up buying at least 10 magazines I normally don't buy just because of the Halloween photos. Big old creepy houses, crafty bits and Halloween displays, I live for August when all the Halloween delights arrive in the shops.
Now, my complaint, teddy bear magazines. I just received one of my beloved teddy bear magazines and was one again disappointed. No magical Halloween displays, no articles on an artist(s) who make Fall or Halloween/creepy critters for the delights of Collectors... a few oddly placed photos. Nothing I have not seen a hundred times over. Still a good issue of the magazine, but a disappointment for someone looking for a little fall flair. Maybe I am once again the strange one and teddy bear Collectors have in interest in Halloween. ?. I'm not always the best person to pick up on the status quo. I do know Halloween is a billion dollar industry, and myself, I spend hundreds of dollars a year on Halloween decor and treats... Then again I am a Halloween junkie and tend to leave some of my larger props and decor out all year (how boring would my office be without them!.. lol). Do collectors of Teddies have no Halloween interest? I know Doll and Miniature people do... I am now eagerly awaiting my Doll and Miniature magazines, I hope they can relieve some of my need for a Halloween "fix".

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Love and Hugs,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back from the lake and ball jointed doll love...

Friday after work I battled traffic and a hurty back to go visit Kristina. I always love going to her house because being a fellow teddy bear artist and her Mom being a miniaturist.. I never feel odd or out of place. We talk non stop about bears and minis and I know no one else who can get excited about fake miniature lettuce... well.. lol. I think you get the picture! Kristinas new bears and gosh, her Elephant.. I tried to take her home with me.. but Kristina kept noticing it gone! teeheee.
I only hope I can have half of what she has done before the Edmonton Doll show! eeek!
We did a little bit of shopping and I got some Awesome new beads for making mini lamps! I am just waiting for my new bulbs to arrive. I have used up all my bulbs! I think making little lamps is addictive. :)
Saturday morning Brad and I drove out to Sylvan lake so visit Brad's Family. They were throwing a Surprise party for Brads stepmom. It turned into a fun evening except my back was hurting quite alot... At least it's nice because they never made me feel bad about having a few naps while everyone was visiting :) My back is feeling a little better now.. but it's still not very good. I have been trying to rest it as much as possible.... but of course I had to do a bit of yard work today.. First time in a week, my poor flower bed needed weeding!
Oh, while in Red Deer we stopped in at Chapters (I wanted to see if they had any new issues of TB&F magazine) I picked up a copy of Haute Doll Magazine I have been secretly in love with ball jointed dolls for quite some time and of course they are doing a Halloween special. I am in total love with Skiya. She is all I can think about now.. lol.

My Birthday is coming... but I don't think anyone loves me THAT much.... lol. Ah, anyway, is she not gorgeous??!!

There's still a few hours left of the evening, I am trying to decide if I should work on the Blue Bunny I have been working on.. OR work on more Halloween Miniatures. Hmm Decisions decisions! lol.
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The loves of my life...

So I thought I would share today a few photos of my darling Maine Coon kitties. Ghost and Mouser. Mouse the Tabby is the new addition

He has taken a few weeks to come out of his shell... but now he and Ghost are the best of friends. :) They seem to delight in chasing eachother around the house. I often wonder if I have elephants instead of cats! heehee.

Oh and please don't look at the mess/missing wallpaper/icky rugs. We renovating and everything is under construction or ripped apart!

Shall we attack now?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Halloween dollhouse goodies! yay!

So my poor back is still hurting just awful. They don't really have a solution for it so I guess I will just have to wait till it gets better. It hurts to sit.. and walking around doesn't seem to do it a whole lot of good either. Today it does feel a little better than the other day.. but I have taken a few Advil so that might have something to do with it. BUT it does seem to be a tiny bit better.

Okay, on with other news! I have finally taken a photo of the start of my Halloween dollhouse goodies. They are a little on the creepy side so please be pre warned. They are meant to be amusing and not grotesque.. but I never seem to quite know where that line is!! heehee.

I have many more ideas floating around in my poor brain, so more creepy items will be coming! If anyone is interested in the Halloween treats, they are ready to go, just let me know( leave a comment or email me from and I can list some on my Ebay or my Etsy page. They should run around $3.00- $20.00. Eyeball soups, boiling eyeballs, blood and fried eyeballs and Jars of pickled eyballs... and other treats would be great in a Halloween or Haunted Dollhouse :) That is where mine will be going!! Mwwhahaha. ;) lol. They will also be making their debut at the Edmonton Doll show in October! So don't forget to attend!

Friday Tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No work getting done

So I missed work yesterday because my back was hurting so much. I finally broke down and went to the Chiropractor when sent me for x-rays.. joy. So although my neck feels awesome from whatever he did to it.. my back does not feel any different... which is not fun at all. I had to get to work today.. we are so short staffed as it is. I go back the the Dr. tomorrow to see what the x-rays tell us.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stupid Slugs, stupid back

Well, I've hurt my back AGAIN. So I got 100% nothing done today, I am in pain just sitting here at the computer so this will be short. Not sure what I did to my back again.... I was thinking it

may have been me hunching over picking slugs off my plants :( I've been told Beer and Coffee grounds.. to get rid of them.. so I shall try that. With that I will leave you with a few photos of my flowers I took yesterday.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another blistering hot day!

Well today is going to be another +30c + days. I love the heat.. but I like to be able to take a break from the heat.. and you can't do that when the house gets 30c too. So today I am dyeing my hair again.. I have not done it in quite some time and have been very bored with it. I usually have bright red, purple or pink hair.. but with things being so busy I let it fade to a not so nice orange color. So today I did pink streaks with black streaks and black underneath with pink over the top.. Only taking me 3 hours to do 3 colors.. haha. Oh well I just hope the end result will be worth it.. it always sucks when I spend this much time on a color to have it not turn out.

After I finish my last rinse here I think I might make a trip to Wally-mart. I would love to go into town but my truck is not working properly and I am in great fear of a $200 tow bill. I need some of that putty people use to put pictures on walls without making holes.. .. Why? well I want to put my mini lamps into plexi containers and I don't want them flopping around. They are glass and fragile so I don't want any broken ones :) I think that should work... OH I should share a photo of one of my lamps that is totally done.. I am so very happy with them. AND totally addicted to making them. I have about 5 more that are floating around in my head but I must plan them out first. :)
Also today I want to finish my little blue bunny I am working on. He is so sweet. He will be an Easter piece.. but since I don't see any spring shows happening I will just take it to the October show.

Also I am going to share my 2 new Dragons that will be available at the show! Yay!

Two of my Dragons, I think the pink one needs a bit more work, but the Yellow fellow is all done. I just need to name them!

One of my Miniature dollhouse lamps.. with a penny.
Well I guess I better go rinse my poor hair for (hopefully) the last time of the day!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Esty shop and BEAR SALE!! Woohoo!

Hi all,
Well I have opened an Etsy shop! yay! I think this will help streamline my listings.. my website is so hard to manage and listing new things takes me a whole day of coding and making graphics.. which of course I love doing.. BUT I think collectors would rather me out making new things than just making my website puuuurdy. So after my October show, what I am going to try to do is change the website to a Gallery of bears and critters that have been adopted already and then just have my available now link to the Etsy shop. I can always change it back if collectors don't like using Etsy.
Please let me know how you feel about it! I want my collecors to be happy and comfortable in ordering.
I am also planning on not taking "have to make it" orders anymore. I find it hard to get things done in a timely manner when life is so busy all the time. I will still take requests but I just can't promise things anymore. It's just too hard and I hate when things end up taking me months to make and I don't want to disapoint my collectors and people who just want a new friend :)

Alrighty! enough of that rambling.. lol. To celebrate the new Etsy Shop I have listed bear and a golly, BOTH at a nice discount price.

Love and Hugs!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thump thumpty thump....

.. That is the noise 2 maine coon cats make while we are trying to sleep.. lol. Mouse and Ghost were like wrestlers tag teaming the bed last night like a wrestling ring. One would jump on walk on us, purring, looking out the window, head butting.. then run with a flying leap out the door with a big thump/crash. Now, I am a VERY light sleeper. Everything and anything wakes me up. I use to sleep with a fairly loud fan in my room because once I got use to it, it was like white noise and blocked out all the sounds in the house. I doubt Brad would go for the fan in the room. I think tonight I might have to hog tie 2 cats... or close them in the basement.. I am feeling very much like a Zombie today.
On a happier note I made 2 more lamps last night, yay! at this rate I think I will have about 20 of them. I ordered my plugs and a few more bulbs yesterday. I probably shouldn't be ordering more bulbs.. but I have become addicted to the little lamps. They are just so much fun to make.
I didn't take the photos I meant to take last night... and slept in this morning.... lol. This working thing takes waaaay to much of my time.. heeheee.
Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

For a long weekend it sure went by pretty quick! I did manage to get lots done though... my swollen sore fingers prove it! hehe. I now have 2 new Dragons.. about 10 minature lamps.. that are just awaiting plugs (that I still need to order, ack) and about 2o miniature Halloween dishes of gore.. lol. I had so much fun with everything. I must keep at the minis though, they are so much fun and it is nice to work on something I can finish in an hour or two.
I will post some photos when I get home.. I was running so late this morning I didn't want to be more late for work.. lol. I made 3 pots of eyeball stew, 6 plates of eyeball and bloodworm stew, 4 plates of eyeball stew with caterpillar coleslaw, 2 plates of fried eyeballs with blood sauce. 3 jars of picked eyeballs, one jar of vampire/wherewolf eyes, one pot of Dragon eye soup, one pot of blood sauce, 2 eye ball on flipper... I think that is all.. oh, one more, a pot of hard boiling Eyeballs. Sheesh, I think I have some halloween issues.... I have to make more things and not just things with eyeballs or people will think I am crazy. I was thinking about a "hand sandwich" hehe. Ah, any Halloween ideas you think would look cool in miniature let me know! I get a little overboard with Halloween :D
I better get back to work here, sooo much today!
Love and Hugs,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

On my way to being a crazy cat lady..

Yes, I've got another cat... lol. no that is not him in the photo, it's Ghost being his difficult self and not letting me take his photo!.. but anyway... We have been thinking about getting another cat for quite some time. Ghost hates Brad, won't let him anywhere near him.. lol. Not that I blame the cat really... BUT the cat is a bit high strung and even though the cat loves me, I still get clawed time to time.... like this morning when I went to move him and got clawed in the face and neck because he freaked out. Anyway, our new kitty is another Maine Coon, he is an adult, his people didn't have enough time to spend with him so he came to live with us in a forever home. So far he he has been spending his time here hiding because he is scared.. but I think he will come around in a few weeks. He is very friendly normally (aka in his old home) and comes to get cuddles and pats and head butts with us at 2 and 3 in the morning.. lol (why why at 3am! hehehe). I don't have a photo of him yet because he is so shy.. but I will when he decided to come out in the DAYLIGHT lol.

So I have been working up a storm with my critters and the miniatures. The time is quickly going by! I want to have at least 20 bears done and hopefully the same amount of miniature items. These are the 2 Dragons I am working on and they are turning out pretty cute. I forgot how much work the dragons are. They take me 4 times as long as a bear! Ouch. I think they are worth it though, and I want to have at least one of my mini dragons to take as well! Ack, I really better get sewing! lol.

My midi sized green bear is now pretty much done.. I still have to give him a big bow or something else on his neck I think :) maybe and old rusty bell or something else antique looking.

I love the color of green.. and for the life of me I can remember if I bought that piece that color or dyed it.. but I am SURE it's not a factory color. I think I might use what is left of that piece to make a cute green Dragon :)

I am also working on the mini dollhouse lamps. I want to learn to wire more than one light together... but I really am not sure what I am doing and I don't want to make something that could overheat.. so right now I am just playing with design and waiting till my Dad has a few minutes for me to pick his brain and find out if I can actually do what I am thinking. Either way I wanted to share one of the lamps I am trying to come up with :) I have lots more on the go.. but I am not quite ready to show them yet :)
So, I better go get my butt working. I started watching the first Harry Potter last night... and now I'm not sure I've even seen it! lol, I see why now people have always said the first one is their favorite.. it is filled with so many delights. I am thinking I just haven't seen the beggining.. because I am sure I have seen the rest of the movie... I guess I'll know after I watch it a bit longer.. teehee. Well, off to work on Bunnies and Dragons and lamps! Hope you all have a great weekend.
Love and Hugs,