Wednesday, July 2, 2008

yay living room... furniture not

I am having troubles getting motivated to get things done in melly land. I have a bear sitting in front of me.. I need to finish him. But on a good note the living room and computer room are both done! yay! These pics are before we moved the furniture in. The pics I took with the furniture look dark because the sun has not come around yet. I will take more photos when the the lighting is better.

Canada day evening was a nightmare. Brad had to work early so we went to bed normal time, so, first, the fireworks woke us up, and that went on for at least half an hour.. Then all the people leaving that and screaming kept us awake. THEN I was woken up to the sound of my truck door being closed.. I popped my head up to see a teenager running from my truck. grrrr. It had been rummaged through but I don't notice anything missing. I'm not sure if the door somehow got left unlocked.. or if they opened it from the crack we had left the window open. So the rest of the night I was on edge because I kept hearing all these teenagers walking by yelling. I was waiting for them to do something else. Somedays I miss living in the middle on nowhere. I should have just called the police. I put the number in my phone if it happens again. I am so tired and it annoys me having had someone looking trough all my things.. and not knowing what they stole. Oh well. I should stop thinking about it because it's not doing me any good. At least I don't think anything is gone.. maybe a few dollars in change.

So I think I should go try to make myself some lunch and try to motivate myself to get this little bear done. If I get it done I can work on my show bears and I am quite excited about those. I think I should run over to the walmart and grab the other 2 Harry Potter movies and sit here and sew and work. Or maybe I should just put in the ones I have and stop trying to get out of working... lol.
Hope my fellow Canadians had a Great Canada day.
Love and hugs,

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