Sunday, July 20, 2008

The fair and the fights.

Well it was a great day yesterday. We started out at Capital ex at about 2pm. It was VERY busy.. a little too busy to go on rides (aka, I didn't want to wait an hour per ride). We did eat
lots of yummy mini donuts and Brad even won me a big stuffed pig.. heehee. No guy has ever
won me anything at the fair... so me being the sap that I am, thinks that is pretty cute! heehee.

We went to the Birdcage Factory show, which was very entertaining. The people are amazing
acrobats and the way they can bend just makes me cringe a little inside.

My Favorite part had to be the Butterfly Exhibit, oh my I wish I had brought my camera! It was
amazing. There are hundreds of Butterflys just flying around and you can hold them and they
just land on you. There was the sweetest little girl there who kept coming over and putting
Butterflys on Brads hand. heehee. It was sooooo cute and funny. I thought it was a wonderful exhibit.

The King of the Cage fight was fantastic. The seats were awesome and so were the fights. We were supposed to head off to Sylvan lake to visit Brads family after the fight was over but it was already 11pm and it takes almost 2 hours to get there. So that really didn't work out very well. So we went home and went to sleep. I was totally exhausted after spending that much time walking around in the sun. But it was a great day and I've not had one of those in quite some time so it was a very nice change :)

Today was another busy day. We got up and did yard work all day and another set of neighbours we have not met before came over to chat. Then not long after a couple friends of mine stopped by. I showed them the house since they had not been inside before. I spent the whole day outside and I think I've gotten too much sun because I feel slightly cooked. It is a bit warm in the house too.. but I need to be out of the sun for the rest of the day. I think I might put on the Wedding Crashers and finish my Bear.. that I have still not quite finished! lol. Seems so many other things keep my time occupied!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Love and hugs,

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