Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation, Holiday... omg, Time off! yay!

Only 2 more days till vacation and I am sooo ready. I've had a really icky week with customers being horrible.
Had a pretty good weekend, went shopping with Kristina on Saturday. I didn't buy much but we had alot of fun and took in a movie. Sunday my family spend cleaning out my Grandmothers apartment. That went well and it was nice to spend some time together, even under the circumstance.
So, Vacation... I plan on working on my 144 scale dollhouse! yay! and I want to make some little raggetty dolls, little gollys and maybe a humpty dumpty or 2... and bears! I want to work on all the bears that have been sitting waiting for me! I have 2 lovely dragons almost done and the 2 tiny bears that I have a pic of on my previous entry. Also I have a fantastic green bear who will be sort of an antique fellow.
It will be nice not to have to rush and run for a few days and spend some time relaxing. I will work on my flower beds and get the house all nice and clean. Make some decent meals instead of the things I throw together when I get home from
Ah, I can't wait. Now I just have to make it through the next 2 days!! lol.

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