Monday, June 16, 2008

Need more Friday and less Monday..

Well back at work again! Had a very busy weekend. Friday my Sister in law had a make-up party... which was entertaining at least. I bought a couple things but it really wasn't very interesting make-up. I wear bright colors and they really didn't have much that was out if the ordinary. Saturday I spent cleaning and working on the yard, I planted some more plants and tried to relax a bit, it was nice to have a down day. My roses are starting to bloom and they are
so pretty. Man, I need to get myself more organized and take some photos! lol.

Sunday I went to go visit my Grandmother who is in the hospital, she seems okay but they won't let her go home. They say she needs to go to an extended care.. so I think they are going to keep her there till they can get her into a place... I just hope they get her out of Emergency soon, she is sitting alone with no phone, tv or window and she just wants to go home. The Dr said as soon as they have a bed they will move her.

12 more days till Vacation! yay!


KRISTINA said...

Sister In Law????? Did you get married and not invite me?!!!!


Melanie Clark said...

Lol, God no.. lol. I mean Angela.. I don't know what else to call her... lol. Sister in Law works.. I think she technically is....?.. lol.