Friday, June 20, 2008

Lessons in Life

For a Bear Blog I sure don't get to talk much about bears.. lol. This week has been a VERY hard one. I had to tell my Grandmother that she won't be going home again. She was very upset of course, but has no choice. She is not able to get around and the Dr's have told us that she is not leaving the hospital. We are not going to argue with them... they don't keep you in the hospital unless you have to be. So the social worker said they hope to get her into an extended care within a month.. and we now have till the end of the month to pack up her things and move her stuff out of her apartment. It is really hard. I've had quite a few crying outbursts. My Grandmothers place was set up very beautiful and it really hurts to take it all down and pack it up. But we know we have no choice and she needs more care. I will be taking off from work yet again today to try to finish packing.

Tomorrow I have plans with Kristina, I should be going to finish packing but I have not had a break in a looong time and I really need one. We are going to go see a movie and proably go to the mall and wander a bit.

Other news, I just got and sent my forms in for the Edmonton Doll and Bear show. I am very excited and just need to get my butt in gear sewing. I don't know how other people manage to get so much done. I find I can't seem to make time to get anything done. For instance, last night I was going to work on some minis... instead I decided to rest "just for a minute". When I woke up it was time for bed.. lol. I am working on a couple little bears.. mind you I have not touched them in a few weeks. Things have just been to hectic. Well I just have to finish up here.. then back to Grandmas place to try to finish packing stuff. Wish me luck.
Love and Hugs,

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Chris said...

Good luck, Melanie! Destroy everyone in your path!