Monday, May 12, 2008

Still sick

Geesh, I am still sick. I swear when I get something I have just a horrible time getting rid of it. Anyway, I spent most of the weekend resting. Brad and I did go out to a bead shop on Saturday.
I got some very cool beads at the bead shop that are soon to be turned into miniature lamps. After we had a yummy Donair lunch. We then went to a RC Hellicopter club and watched the guys fly, it was pretty cool.
Sunday we had an early morning and went to my brothers house, his g/f wanted to part with 2 sweet Bearded Dragons.. and since I have 3 already I thought, hey, whats 2 more... heehee. I have yet to get the HUGE tank they gave me with them set up. I need more bedding for it, which I'll grab on my way home from work.
Later Sunday we drove out to my parents for a Mothers Day feast. It was fun but I was not feeling all that well... but I still ate lots. My mom and I planted Sweet pea seeds, which will give lots of flowers in a few months time. My Dad was having fun filling the pond. We made the mistake of trying to put the new fish he had bought my Mom... but the water was too cold for them so we had to make a quick rescue. I'm happy to say all fishes are happy and swimming. We Albertans just can't wait for the snow to melt.... there is still ice is spots.. but my goodness ... a little green lawn, the hint of leaves. Everyone goes a little Crazy.
As for Crazy, I got my little 1/144 scale dollhouse kit. It is sooo cute and tiny.. I am a little worried about all the warnings on the package saying it can cause birth defects and cancer though...... it's a dollhouse.
Anyway, I better get back to work! Love and Hugs!

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Chris said...

That's a pretty evil dollhouse!