Wednesday, May 28, 2008

bad little blogger

Hey all, sorry I've been a bad little blogger. Actually, I've not really had much to talk about. Went to the reptile show on the weekend, it was very enjoyable... I didn't come come with any new friends even though I would have liked at least one sweet baby. I will have to wait till the next show in August.

I have not been sewing at all. I know, I know. Bah. Work and the house have been taking up all my time as of late. The house looks SO much better though. We have been working solid on the yard since the snow left. Every single time we are out working on the yard a neighbour will stop by to tell us how much better it looks and how happy they are that we moved here.. lol. The people who lived in the house before didn't look after it. Which I guess why it's taking us weeks and weeks to make it look nice!

This was the house before... it was so neglected it hardly looks like the same place. It is hard to believe it was that bad. The neighbours have all said that the previous owners did not do a thing to the place it hing in 4-5 years that they lived there.. scary. No wonder it looked so bad!

Well I better get back to work here! Month end is calling me..... noooo.. heehee.




KRISTINA said...

Loooooking gooood!!!!! You've done a GREAT job!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how different that looks. It looks so pretty now. Lol!