Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, summer is over.. lol.

Yesterday it was +20c, I had customers calling to see if we fix air (you have to keep us cold weather people cool.. lol). Today it's snowing again! lol. Ah, we Canadians have to be born with a good sense of humor. I swear mother nature just likes to tease us. On a good note the snow is not amounting to anything yet.. yet.. lol.

So I have some good news! I found the fabric to finish my bear AND my pattern. Yay! I can't wait... it's been some time since I have been in the mini bear mood. I have so many tiny ideas!

But anyway, it's month end today so I need to get to work! Can't wait till the end of the day, we are going to pick up blinds for the living room! Yay!

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Heather said...

aah here in BC we have no snow neener neener but it is still unseasonably cold for some reason.
I am totally sick of freezing my butt off every day I can't imagine if we had snow! I'd have to throw myself in front of the snow plow.