Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The snow is not stopping

Well the snow is not stopping.... and at the rate it's going we are going to have another foot! I am getting very tired of being cold and damp. Everytime I have to go outside at work the snow is up to my knees and even up to my waist in some areas.. and because it has not slowed for a minute they have not got the machines out to clear it yet.. lol. Brrr, go away winter!

I had to take a photo of my brothers corvette...... corvette, a small low to the ground sports car... that is now 7 feet tall in snow... lol. You can't even tell it's a car! This pic was taken yesteday and it's snowed all night... and it's still coming down!

So, I bought myself one more little present.. this will be the last one for quite awhile I'm sure. We received some bad news about Brads knees last week.. and it's now sinking in. I don't really feel like thinking about it right now.. Just happy Teddy Bear and Dollhouse things! :) :)

Love and Hugs,

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