Monday, March 31, 2008

The mess you make when you paint..

My weekend was full of working on the house.. We have been procrastinating lately and our living room has been sitting, vacant, half painted. We decided to paint the living room red and black.... and I can say with full conviction that I don't want to paint anything red again. I love the color, it looks fantastic! .... BUT 6 coats of paint (and yes we did primer) I have never been so tired of painting the same room.. lol. It is done now, well we have to finish the baseboards and window case still. Brad made them and they are just wonderful. I can't wait till this room is complete.. mind you then we still have to continue into the dinning room... lol!

I have a small bear order so I will work on that tonight after I touch up the paint on the ceiling. It feels really good to finally be getting some work done!

Love and Hugs!



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All Bear said...

Wow, this is going to be a very dramatic room! Look forward to seeing the finished pics!

Deb said...

Hi Melanie, I love the red walls they look so cheery. I have one red wall as you walk in the front door it's the first thing you see makes a bold statement. I lucked out and hubby did the painting but I know what you mean about the many coats. Heard some awful strong words coming from the hubster after he got through with the third coat and realized he was only half way done. In the end though it's all worth especially if someone else does the messy part. Take care Deborah

Melanie Clark said...

Thanks Paula, I should have the rest of it done this week, I took the weekend off for once. lol.

Melanie Clark said...

Thanks Deb! Most people thought we were crazy for picking such a bright color.. but now those are the same people saying WOW.
I'm not lucky enough to have someone to do the messy work.. he makes me help... heehee. I don't mind though, it is kind of fun most of the time. lol.