Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Almost Easter!???

Bah, my goodness the time goes by much too quickly. I have managed to hurt my back Sunday so I have been hobbling around whinning all this week so far.. lol.
I went out on the weekend to the art store and the mall with Kristina and had a fun fun day. Kristina gave me some extra yummy Tan Long Pile.... if that wasn't enough Kristinas Mom made me a tiny plate of Halloween cookies for my Dollhouse :) They are soooo cute. I will be sure to take a photo of them (just as soon as I get my camera back from Brad.. lol).
So in all truth I have not been sewing much, work has been so hectic that by the time I get home I just don't have any energy left. I am planning lots of new little ones.. and also trying to decide which (if any) shows I will do this year. I just need more time to sew and craft and less time at work! lol. Don't think that is going to happen but one can dream :) :)
Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far!


KRISTINA said...

Hey I agree..This working for a living really sucks!! I wanna be a kept woman!!! LOL

The longpile I gave you is cream. I havem't attacked the tan stuff yet...heehee..

BTW your little surprise is here waiting for you!!!!!!

Melanie Clark said...

Cream.. lol Tan.. Bah! lol. I'm starting to see colors like a man.... What is mauve anyway? heehee ;)
Yeah, being a kept women sounds interesting.. heehee. Maybe I should have gone after a rich man instead of a cute one! lol lol