Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After Easter...

We had a nice Easter at my Mom and Dads house. Brad and my Dad had fun with their remote control helicopters (photos later).. untill they both crashed leaving at least one very pouty man.. heehee. This week has been one of those non sleeping weeks for me so far. I've had to force myself to get out of bed to go to work.. There are days I wish I could stay home and sew all day :)
I have been in the studio a little bit! I swear I have.. I started sewing on a fantastic little

antique style bear. I love the color.. GREEN! heehee. I am waiting to hear if the Calgary bear show is going to be happening this year or not.. I have a new bear and a new Kitty that I want to list on the website.. BUT I have been saving them for the show.. but it's looking a bit grim if it's going to be or not, so I might just forget it and list them. It is hard to work and make enough bears for a show.... Even with how much I want to do shows.. it gets to be a bit stressful and that is not what bears are supposed to be about. :)
Well, better get back to work!


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