Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For the love of all things miniature

Today I'd like to share my 3 year work in progress. It's my Haunted/Halloween Doll house. I purchased this house kit with great intentions of being able to create this fantasitc house in a few month span.... Then I opened the box. This was more than I could handle on my own. With my master whine to my Dad, he offered to help me with it. WE did do some work, but other things (blah, Work!) seemed to occupy him more. heehee. When I met Brad and I mentioned I had this dollhouse.. well he offered to help me with it.. lol. Poor poor unsuspecting Brad. ;)
I must say though we had a blast working on it.. even with his friends making fun of him. Then Brad had to move... long story shortened.. It had to be put away :(. Two moves later and the purchase of our first real house... Saturday... Brad asked if I wanted to start working on it again.. Do I??? YESSS!!!! So out it came with all the supplies. we put the windows in, and the door.. and not the tedious task of Shingles. Brad has mentioned that he could shingle our house faster than the doll house.. lol. Anyway.. this is it so far. I am very excited to start work on the inside! Just had to share why I have no new bear this week.. lol. :)
Love and Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Oooo!!! It already looks like the Spooky Mansion. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Lisa says Iadore it you are sooo lucky;Iwish I had one;aLL THE BEST TO YOU;ENJOY IT;THANKS FOR SHARING;BYE FOR NOW;