Monday, January 7, 2008

Movies and Sewing

Had a pretty good weekend. Went to Sweeney Todd on Saturday and spent a few hours wandering around the mall :). Sweeney Todd is a very strange and different movie, it is quite morbid but still funny and delightful.. I don't know if I'd suggest going to it, unless you like Morbid musicals.. heehee. As for myself I would happily see it again, if given the chance.
I also got the chance to see the movie Waitress yesterday, it is a sweet, slightly satirical movie. It is quite amusing and I'm glad I now have the dvd so I can watch it again.
Other than that had a pretty quiet weekend. I spent most of Sunday working on my Pink Panda. It is all cut out and the pieces are sewn together. Tonight, if I'm not too tired from work.. I will turn and stuff and start the face :) I am very excited about this bear! I also spent a few hours organising my studio.. I spent a few hours in the crawl space searching through boxes and totes looking for certain bears out of my collection to keep me company. My studio feels a little more like home now that I have some of my happy little faces to keep me company while I work. I think in a few more weeks my studio will be set up just how I want it.

Hugs and Love!


WELCOME said...

Would you like a meat pie???

heehee :O)

Melanie Clark said...

Lol! but of course.. Priest? lol