Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still Holiday-ing

I often envy morning people.. I love to get work done in the daylight hours.. sadly, I am a night owl and with the week off work , well it has not taken me long to revert back to my night owl self. I go to bed at 3am and get up at 10:3oam. I have been enjoying my time off, even though I have had a nasty cold. Today I dyed up a gorgeous panda.. I will post a pic soon of the fabric as it's to dark now to get a good picture. I love this fabric though. I did take a few photos of the new studio today. I am so happy to have been able to move back "home". After living back in Edmonton for a year, I've learned that the big city life is no longer in my blood. I am in love with our new home and I love being able to work on it. So here it is, messy and still half unpacked... in all it's Lime Green Glory. Everyone but Brad thought I was a bit Crazy for choosing such a bright color... but I love it.. it is so happy and bright, very inspiring!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holidays and I will be sure to post again before the New Year, I recived a wonderful mini bear from my dear bear Bud Kristina for Christmas.. I must show him off tomorrow! ;)
Bear Hugs and Love,

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